Dear Pumpkins

Dear Little Pumpkins,

We have waited so very long to have you in my tummy. Part of me still feels like this is a dream and at any moment I will wake up. I love you more and more each day, you have made me so very happy. We are now on a new journey and this journey is even more terrifying than the last. Please continue to grow strong and healthy, you are so very loved by so many people. Oh, and if you can please stop scaring your Mommy that would be great, smooth sailing from here on out. On Thursday we will see you again, I can't wait to see how much you have grown. Stay strong little pumpkins. We love you!

Mommy & Daddy


Christina said...

That was very sweet. Stay strong LO's!!!!

Polly Gamwich said...

Stay strong thing 1 and thing 2!!


twondra said...

Soooo sweet! Thanks for sharing!

I have your quilt and will be sending it out today. :) I can't wait for you to see it!!