An Awesome Gift and Tahoe Fun

Isn't that just the cutest thing ever?  Our good friends R.C. and Andrea got these for us.  Last night we were surprised to find a package on our doorstep.  Gabe looked at me and said"what did you buy?"  I swore I bought nothing, and I didn't.  It was a FANTASTIC gift for the babies from some FANTASTIC friends.  We love you guys and can't wait to see you next month in Vegas.  Yahoooo baby bump for your wedding, just as we both hoped.
My BFF Susie whom is also amazing knew how hard it was getting for me to fit into clothes, so she bought me a new outfit for Valentine's Day and took my out to dinner.  Awwwww how I love her.  I decided to take a pic so you could see the 7 week belly bump, or maybe it isn't baby, but more just bloat.
Daddy and Memphis in North Lake Tahoe
Our Snowman
Mommy and Memphis
Memphis with one ear up and one ear down, he does this a lot.

Is he swimming in the snow?
Mr. Phe playing in the snow for the first time.
Hey Mom, what is this stuff?  I love it!

Mom eating snow.
Phoenix and his snowballs, poor guy.
A long drive and a little morning sickness.


Drea said...

They are soo cute. i am glad you guys like them. A baby bump, cute clothes, snow, smiles and a lil' morning sickness. What more could you ask for these days. LOL. I am so glad to see you FINALLY smiling like crazy!!! We love you guys and these babies more than all the cheese in wisconsin. LOL.

Mimi said...

That is so adorable. Actually both are! Your pups and your belly!!!! I love seeing baby bumps. Oh, and the onsies are perfect!!! I love them!


twondra said...

Those are soooo cute! That made me smile.

Looks like a good time!

Ryan and Stuart said...

LOVE the pics! Tiff - you look fantastic! I am so excited for you guys!!!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

loved all the pics!

to answer your questions-the two transfered were graded ba. we had 4 frozen and YES i will test. tommys bday is on tuesday. do you think that is too early? it will be 5dp.