25 Things About Me

Anyone on Facebook has seen this going around, I was going to post it on Facebook, but decided instead to post it here. Yes, I am bored. I fell asleep last night (Friday night) at 8:30, which is something I have been doing often, but for some reason after my 2nd potty break of the night I couldn't go back to sleep, so here I am.

1) I married an amazing man on August 28, 2004
2) Our first date was Halloween 1996, and it was a group date in a cemetery
3) We officially started dating October 11, 1997
4) I have a cat name Oz who weights 19 pounds and has been hospitalized twice, each costing a pretty penny
5) I have two dogs, sometimes I wonder why, and other times I wonder what I would do without them and Mephis' puppy breath
6) I love Mexican food and seafood
7) I started watching Elianna overnight when she was 2 weeks old and I don't think we have ever gone more than a month since then
8) I have a slight heart murmur and a knee that sounds like rice krispies
9) I love food and I love to cook
10) I have a binder full of all my favorite recipes, so that it is easy for me to find them, this binder sits on my kitchen counter
11) My Mom has ALWAYS been by my side and is selfless when it comes to me
12) I had surgery when I was five years old to remove rocks from my ear
13) I have acquired a more sensitive nose within the last week, oh and a smaller bladder
14) I have endured a lot of heartache
15) I have an amazing Grammy, which I am going to see today
16) I like to edit and create movies on my Mac
17) I wish I could speak Spanish and had a talent
18) I have 8,700 photos on my computer and 2,364 songs on my ipod
19) I love Country music and reality TV
20) I look forward to morning sickness
21) I have wanted to be a Mom since as long as I can possibly remember
22) Gabe and I moved to Southern California for 6 months, other than that I have always lived in Napa
23) I am slightly frugal and I started my IRA when I was 18 years old and have always contributed at least 8% of my pay per month to it
24) I have been at the same job for almost ten years, they are like my family
25) My favorite vacations are always spent near the ocean


Mama Tina said...

26) You have a MIL that considers you her "Confidant" and "Best Friend"

Have a great weekend Baby Girl!!!

Love you more...

Mama Tina

Mimi said...

Ok, 26 is just precious. Your MIL seems to be just wonderful!!


Ryan and Stuart said...

LOVE the new look of your blog!!!!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

hey tiffany! i love the new blog layout..it never gets old seeing those positive tests!!

i cant wait to hear about your ultrasound this week. :)

ps-i love country music and reality tv, too.

Mimi said...

I'm not getting your 6 week post for some reason. Darn. Anyway, try the water bottle, it is working wonders!!! I am so happy for you honey. I really am. I hope to be pregnant with you soon!