Things are JUST Okay

Went back for a check and things are not progressing as they should. The RE thinks it has to do with this being the first cycle since the miscarriage and things are just moving slow. Today was our 4th ultrasound and the study will only pay for a total of five ultrasounds. The RE thinks I should be ready for trigger by Thursday the 17th which will be our 5th ultrasound. Cross your fingers!

On another note, the tests did NOT come back all clear. I am not going to jump the gun, and I am going to be optimistic. My homocystiene test came back slightly elevated, but still in normal range. Elevated Homocysteine can cause blood clotting, which could be a reason for miscarriage. It is pretty easily fixed, the RE called in a prescription for folic acid and that along with prenatal vitamins normally does the trick. I am not super concerned about this, but she mentioned that sometimes this is a sign of another problem called MTHFR, which is more serious. MTHFR is the inability to absorb folic acid, which is OF COURSE needed for a healthy pregnancy.

So, I go back on Thursday for a repeat of the homocystiene and the MTHFR. I am scared, but have been reassured that we can overcome the MTHFR with lots of folic acid supplements and a shot of heprin (blood thinner) at the transfer and once a pregnancy is confirmed. So lets just pray that the MTHFR comes back negative and that the folic acid can do the trick for the elevated homocysteine.

Yet another hurdle! Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

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Drea said...

We will be thinking of you on the 17th!