FINALLY... Some Good News!

Good news my MTHFR results came back ------ NORMAL!!!!!!!! *MTHFR is the inability to absorb folic acid and sometimes elevated homocysteine is a sign of this.*

on 7/11 my homocysteine was slightly elevated. Normal range is between 8 and 12. Mine was 11.6. The RE prescribed a supplement called Folgard which consists of Folic Acid, vitamin B-6, and B-12.

Results from 7/17 were a 10.4!!!!! Yahhhhoo!

I was told to stop the baby aspirin for now, but be sure to start up again on cycle day #1. I will remain on the Folgard indefinitely. Ouch $22 a month, maybe I can find it online for less.

Thank goodness all is well.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tiff and Gabe, thanks for including me in your updates. I so wish you didn't have to be going through all this trouble, you deserve to have a family, and I know it will happen for you. I just hope it happens sooner than later, as I can't imagine the frustration this must be causing you. I'm glad your update is some good news this time. Again my thoughts and prayers are always with you. I love you both, Beanie

Drea said...

YAY for good news!!!!