Appointment Update 7/9/08

So I had an appointment today at 9:20. We just did a quick follicle check and went over the kareyotype test and some tests from last year involving natural killer cells. Tests were fine, we ruled out any chromosome problems and natural killer cells.

The Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) gave me a lab slip to run 8 lab tests. These tests will rule out the LAST of potential reasons for miscarriage and a couple infertility tests. I am SO excited to have a doctor so knowledgeable. In the past I have felt like I knew more than my doctor did (because I had been dealing with an OBGYN who wasn't very experienced with infertility). It is so very refreshing to know that the RE has checked EVERYTHING. So lets keep our fingers crossed that the tests go well and that the two miscarriages were just a fluke.

The ultrasound went fine. We are looking for the dominant follicle, or the signs of natural ovulation. I am on no shots or fertility drugs at this time. Once the dominant follicle is close to being mature, I will get a shot of HCG (also called a trigger shot), which will help with final maturity and release of the egg. Once the shot is given the egg drops 36 hours later. Once given this shot, we are able to "try" on our own to fertilize this egg. Six days after ovulation (because the embryo is six days old) we will transfer back the thawed blastocyst. So potentially we have a shot at the "natural egg" and the blastocyst.

We need to have a uterine lining of at least 7.5 mm and one follicle at 16-18 mm to trigger ovulation. Today at CD 11 (cycle day) I had a lining of 6.4 mm , two follicles on the right side at about 6 mm and the possible dominant follicle on the left at 9.6 mm. So, we are not ready yet. It is only CD 11, and normal ovulation should occur on CD 14, but remember we need to catch it just before so we can trigger the ovulation with the shot. Then six days later we hope to be transferring our embryo.

We go back again Friday morning to get the lab work done and check the follicle(s) and lining again. I also have to use ovulation predictor kits at home just to be sure we don't miss it.

So, that was my day. All in all so far so good and right on track. I hope that wasn't too confusing.

As always thanks for your love, prayers, and support.



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