In order to succeed at a diet, something just has to click. For me something has to happen, a comment from someone or dreading seeing pictures of yourself with your kids. For my Hubby it takes a challenge. For me, I have to do it FOR me, and I have to be READY.

Well I am ready and I am full force ahead. Back a few years ago I joined Weight Watchers, it was the best thing I ever did for myself. It brought me to a healthy weight to be able to do IVF and have the most success, but most of all I was confident and proud of myself.

A couple weeks ago Hubby started a weight loss challenge at work, they each paid $50 then after 8 weeks, the winner gets a huge chunk of money. For Hubby he likes to compete, me it takes something else. Don't get me wrong Hubby also wants to do this for himself and the boys, but the challenge kick started him. When he first started, I just wasn't ready yet... it took me a couple days, I just wasn't ready to give up some of my favorite foods, but then as I began to help him and explain Weight Watchers my feelings of scoring the best meal for the least points, and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of each day I succeeded, and not to mention that rush you get when you step on the scale and the number goes down. I was hooked!

Here I am hooked again. The last time I started this program I weighed 222 pounds. I eventually got down to 152, this was the day I started shots for IVF #1. I remember that day well as it was the lowest I could recall since 11th grade. Do I weigh 222 now? No I do not. I don't have near as much to lose, but I am not 152. I would love to get down to 150, but for now my mini goal is 160. When I started WW 1.5 weeks ago I weighed 184, I am happy to report that this morning I was 180. So I am on my way, 20 to go for my mini goal, which I hope to reach by Christmas.

Being back on the plan has given me this rush of excitement. I am thrilled to be eating right and exercising. Yes, that's right I have been walking on the treadmill in the mornings before the boys get up. I too am loving that, as it is sort of a "me" time.

So now that I am so into this and have found so many amazing food finds, I want to share them somewhere. What do you all think? Should I start a 2nd blog about this journey? Should I share it here on this blog? Does anyone know of someone who blogs about WW? I love WW, to me it just makes the most sense. I can have WHATEVER I want, just can't have whatever I want for EVERY meal. The boys and I walked to Whole Foods and Trader Joe's yesterday. We were gone for almost 3 hours. They did great, it was 9, so they ended up falling asleep around 10:30 in the stroller, so I kept on searching the stores for finds. And finds I DID find. Hubby was SO thrilled when he got home to see the great meals I had planned, and the great snacks I had found.

So, here is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: (3)
Low fat flour tortilla - 1
Egg beaters - 1
1/8 C of low fat cheese - 1
1/4 of salsa - 0
Black coffee - 0

Lunch: (7)
Alverado Street bun - 2
Morningstar Veggie Burger - 1
Low fat cheese - 1
Tomato - 0
Lettuce - 0
Pickle - 0
Mustard - 0
Baked potato chips - 2
Apple - 1
Iced tea - 0

Dinner: (14.5)
Sandwich thin - 1
Swiss cheese - 2
1 oz. Deli ham - 1
Morningstar veggie chicken patty - 3
Mustard - 0
Mayo - 1.5
Lettuce - 0
Tomato - 0
Broccoli - 0
20 organic fries - 2
1 tsp. Ketchup - 0
2 glasses of wine - 4

Snacks: (2)
WW Smoothie bar - 1
Crackers - 0 (YES I DID SAY ZERO!)
Blue cheese Laughing cow - 1

TOTAL: 26.5
+3 activity points

So, I guess I should have eaten a little more, since I technically had 3.5 left.

Here is a picture of my lunch:

So what do ya'll think? Is it worth starting up a WW blog? Would any one really care? Would you want to see some WW updates on this blog? I would read a WW blog because I love to hear about great food finds. But, do I really have the time? Part of me thinks it might help to keep me more motivated, but the idea of creating a new blog sounds draining. Input please!


Mindy said...

I tried starting another weight loss blog in addition to my infertility one but it just got to be too much to handle with the business of my life...I think using your one blog and putting everything and anything you want on it works...I tell myself if people don't want to read about my road to running a 5K, they can skip that post. It was a big downer starting that other blog then not following through and keeping it up. Good job on the healthy eating and living! those recipes are awesome!

Hernandez Clan said...

I say post it here. After all isnt this all still part of the journey from those little men! And when you start to go for the last little bug you can keep it all here, remember where you were, how you got there and how you want to get back someday again...that is if....if you need to. I say go for it here. We all love you and want to support you either way...so bring it on momma!

By the way that sandwich looked DEE-LISH.

Christina said...

Yea, stay here. Its trouble trying to start a new blog! I tried it, and it didn't work. :)
I really want to try WW again, but now that I'm eating mostly organic, home cooked meals I'm wondering how to eat! Before I was eating WW meals, now I know they were killing me lol. But I had the points on the box! Now, I don't know how to count points when I cook..do I need a scale? Seems like a ton of work.

Anonymous said...

stay here :) i would love to read about it. i'm finally realizing i'm going to have to do something as i am not dropping any more weight. it's been a year. how much longer can i wait, you know?

i would LOVE to read about your WW journey, the stuff you eat, etc. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep the WW info here please! I love that you're helping me out w/food ideas beacause I too am doing WW (started in Sept). My goal is 5lbs a month til March which will get me gown 30lbs by my B-day.

As for the WW blogger, you can follow Roni @ http://ronisweigh.com

She's great & has lots of WW recipes.

Have a great weekend!

~Christi in California~