This is last nights dinner. It was A-MAZING!

I found it from my "new" favorite website Gina's Skinny Recipes. Her site is FANTASTIC, a new recipe everyday of course with the point value.

So here is the recipe from last night. I cut the recipe in half because Hubs wasn't home and the boys had already had dinner and were almost ready for bed, however that didn't stop Aaden from snagging four bites off my plate.

Cilantro and lime make this simple shrimp dish outstanding. Serve this over rice or with a salad. Shrimp is one of my favorite skinny foods to cook with. It's packed with protein, low in calories, and cooks in minutes which is great when you need a quick delicious meal.

Cilantro Lime Shrimp
Gina's Weight Watcher Recipes
Servings: 4 • Serving Size: 6 oz • Points: 4 pts
Calories: 197.3 • Fat: 4.1g • Protein: 35.9 g • Carb: 2.4 g • Fiber: 0.1 g
2 tsp olive oil
2 lb shrimp, shelled and deviened
6 cloves garlic, crushed
1/2 cup chopped fresh cilantro
1 lime
salt and pepper
Heat a large frying pan on medium-high heat. Add oil to the pan, when hot add shrimp. Season with salt and pepper. When the shrimp is cooked on one side, about 2 minutes, turn over and add garlic. Sauté another minute or two until shrimp is cooked, careful not to overcook. Remove from heat. Squeeze lime all over shrimp and toss with cilantro. Serve hot

So as you can see for 6 oz. of shrimp it is 4 points (and YES I ALWAYS weigh EVERYTHING.) I served this over 1/2 cup of TJ's frozen brown rice, if you have not tried this rice you don't know what you are missing. It comes in a box and inside are three bags. You poke a hole in the bag then microwave for 3 minutes, I always add a few sprays of butter. So, according to the package 1/2 cup would only be one point. Could that be? A full serving of one cup is 3 points, but if you half the nutrition facts it comes out to one, or I could be safe and just half the points of the full serving, which would make it 1.5. So either way still AMAZING.

Dinner was so yummy that I decided to share the other half with Hubs, so he will be eating that for lunch today.

Weekends are a bit harder, well Saturday was harder. Friday was fine, we had the Hernandez Clan over for dinner (well they brought much of dinner, thanks Drea) and to watch Toy Story 3. We had salad, BBQ chicken breast, Rice A Roni (which actually wasn't too bad in points), and baked beans, which isn't bad at all due to all the fiber. Oh and a bag of one point popcorn during the movie.

Saturday breakfast went great, 4 point sammy. Light high fiber english muffin toasted (1), egg beaters (1), two slices of ready crisp bacon (1), one slice of low fat american cheese (1). Then off to the mall we went so Hubs could get a new phone case. We decided to eat at Applebee's because after all they have low cal options on their menu. I must say going out has to be my downfall. I walked in and I wanted mozerella sticks so bad, then a burger, then buffalo wings. Grrrrrr. So, I have a "go to salad" I like to order there, Santa Fe Chicken Salad. I looked it up on Dottie's Weight Loss, and for the full order it said 16 points. Okay so the half is 8? Great! I still get to have one of my favorite salads. I ordered an iced tea and the salad and Gabe jumped on and order the same, swapping the iced tea for diet soda. A moment after the waiter walked away, we found the nutrition chart on the table and threw the numbers in the calculator via my iphone. GULP! 20 points!!!!!!!!!! OH WAITER! Yes, we called the waiter over and had him cancel our order. He handed us a menu and stood there while we looked, crap what to order what to order? Gabe opted for a small steak off the WW menu, and I saw some sort of shrimp asian style wrap with fries, so I swapped the fries for broccoli and we were back in business. After he walked away, Gabe popped my wrap numbers in the calculator then wouldn't look at me. What? What? How could shrimp wrapped in a tortilla be that bad? Turns out it was, it was deep fried shrimp along with some yummy creamy sauce, and a WHOPPING 16 points, at this point I just said forget it. The wrap came and it was SOOOOOO good. I ate all the broccoli then only ate half the wrap, I could have eaten it all, but honestly I was content with just the half, and having something that yummy was worth it, I opted for a 2nd glass of iced tea and was proud I was able to have an 8 point lunch out. So, meals out will be few and far between. Well.....they already are, but will be even fewer. Oh and by the way the boys were great at Applebee's. Probably because they got to have grilled cheese.

Today I am off and have Mr. Jack for 12 hours. Jack is my former babysitters son. She took a full time job so I am helping her out one or two days a week. She is due with baby boy #2 in 3 days. So, soon enough I will be watch Jack and Zachary Ellis, which will help pay for the days the boys go to the new sitter, but also fill my baby fix... I cannot wait! Later today I am meeting my friend at a park for a picnic and we will let all the kiddos play, I wonder how many activity points I can earn chasing after 3 kids?


Just Believing said...

good for you and thanks for sharin such an awesome webiste!`letaterp

Meant to be a mom said...

Yum to all the good food your eating and for doing so good on what your eating.

Have fun babysitting all the kiddo's.

Mama Tina said...

Can't wait to try the shrimp recipe. I still get monthly e-mails from Dottie's Weight Loss Zone. And I had never deleted that WW point counter you showed me on my computer. I still have all my books and my pocket guide which helps when I go shopping. Going shopping at Trader Joe's tomorrow, that is unless I am on a plane heading your way :) today's Doctors appointment will give us a bit more of a "heads up" or is it "heads down"

Can't wait to see all of you.

Thank you my beautiful DIL for the inspiration once again!!!

See you soon!!!

Love, Mama aka Mima

P.S. Where did you buy the shrimp (fresh or frozen) we buy frozen at Costco which is really good.