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How do you know when you are done having kids? How do you know when your family is complete? Do you have an acutal feeling of completion? My gutt says that if I am even questionning it, that means I am NOT done.

When the boys were born, I was ready for another one. We agreed to wait until the boys were 12 months and then we would discuss it again and maybe get off of BCP. Well, 12 months came and went and we joked about how different 3 month old twins vs. 12 month old twins were. I was NOT ready for another baby a couple months ago, and often times just thought that maybe we were done because oh my goodness sometimes this is a hard job.

Now here we are at 14 months (Happy 14 Months Buggie Boos), and I am thinking about it again. Some days it is a NO way, and other days I envision this sweet little girl as part of our family. Had the boys been Addyson & Noah I often wonder if I would feel complete. I would like to experience a singleton pregnancy, I long for a daughter to take to ballet class, I want the boys to have a little sister to protect, but then on the other hand I have been SO blessed why rock the boat?

Gabe comes from a family of three siblings sort of, and I come from a family of three siblings sort of. We always talked about three kids. But, how do you know? When is it right? AND when is the right time to go on bedrest, because I have already been told that I would be on some form of bedrest. How will we know when is the right time to make an RE appointment? And then... what if for some horrible reason the 5 frozen bubbies didn't take? Would I take that as a sign that our family is complete? Having the frozen embryos is ALWAYS in the back of my mind, another child is ALWAYS in the back of my mind. I have not gotten rid of my fav maternity clothes, or some of my fav baby items. So I take that as, no I am not done.

What are your thoughts on adding to your family? What ages are best to welcome a new child? Geeshhh, who am I kidding? It could take us a couple years just to get pregnant again.

Zachary Ellis is due today and Jayson Alexander is due in a little over two weeks. Zachary is my new Tuesday baby and Jayson is my Nephew, so for now while I ponder the thought of baby #3 for a couple more months, they will give me a taste and snuggle time with newborns and help me/us to make a decision, because this decision is not just mine, but the Lord's, Gabe's, Noah, and Aaden's as well. N & A already have to share so much, maybe they deserve our sole attention?

Now I will leave you with a video of our little smart tart, Noah:


Shelby said...

I know how you feel. I am so wishy washy about it too. Of course my husband is adamant that we are DONE. We have 1 of each and they are healthy so why take anymore chances...... but sometimes I just feel like there is 1 more. ( not this week though. This week I'm done) ;) Anyway- I tell him we need to wait until they're 2 before we make a decision. But at that time i'll be 35 and what if it takes another 5000 years to get knockered. Blah blah blah...... I wish I could help you better but I'm in the same boat! Good luck!

Christina said...

I'm not sure I'll help, but I know we're done. :) I can't handle going through the newborn stage again. It was just rough. Probably because of PPD...I'm so scared that it will happen again, and I can't do that to my family.
I wish you all the luck if you decide it's time. You guys deserve it. :)

Anonymous said...

Tiffany if you wait for the right time to have another baby..it will never come. You have to just do it. You have to just make up your mind and know that there is never a perfect time to do anything..you just have to do it. I still have the desire to have another baby. I dont think that will ever go away(for me anyway). Just have faith and trust and now it will work out no matter what.
Stephania D (fb & FF)

twondra said...

I know whatever decision you make will be the best for your family and you're always thinking of them...you're a great mom and wife. :)