A Good Effort!

So, because I have been such a slacker at blogging, taking pics, and taking video.. I made a point of recording our evening and editing the video. Taking a few pics and editing them... and VOILA! Here I am blogging and sharing them with you. Here is our Wednesday evening. And NO they don't get away with this kind of stuff, just wanted to share with ya what the boys are "truly" up to.


Mama Tina said...

Love it!!! I played the video 5 times :) can't wait to see all of you in a few weeks.


Mama aka Mima

Hernandez Clan said...

Hahahahaha. I didn't get to see the vid last night on my phone cause it took too long to download the file on the website but sooo freaking cute!! haha. LOVE IT! Okay okay, that might win me over for buying a MAC. LOL.