Seven Down

SEVEN down and lots more to go, but hey... it's a start.

I owe much of it to a few new combos that seem like I am cheating when I am really not.

#1 - Hot Pastrami Sammy (3)
(1) Sandwich thin
(1) Pastrami
(1) 1/2 slice of swiss cheese (still searching for a whole slice for only 1)
(0) Dijon mustard
(0) 2 tsp. saurkraut

#2 - Chili Dog (4)
(1) Hotdog thin (yes, they make them)
(1) Hebrew National 98% FF hot dog (1,000 times better than a FF Ball Park)
(1) 1/8 C. Shredded cheddar cheese
(1) 1/2 C. Dennisons 99% FF chili
(0) Onion

I also love Kashi Chocolate chip cookies for 2 pts.

In other news... baby Zachary Ellis was born, just two days past his due date and what a doll. I cannot wait to start watching him once a week and getting my baby fix.

Speaking of baby fix, our nephew Jayson is due in just 10 more days. I am thrilled for my Sister In Law Monica to experience the joy of Motherhood, and for Mikie to be a Father. Along with baby Jayson will be a visit from Mima, we have not seen her in 4 months. If baby comes early she might even be here for Thanksgiving and for the four day weekend.

Lets see, what else is new? The oven lock arrived, as did our second set of closet door locks. Hoping they last a little longer than the first. The boys DO NOT like the oven lock, but after a few tries have moved onto the warming in drawer.. grrrr. Bathroom doors and our bedroom door are always closed now.

These little buggers are into EVERYTHING. Last night I went to the garage to look for something. A few minutes later through the dog door out pops an empty two liter bottle, and then some paper. Noah had pulled these things from the recylce bin and dropped them onto the garage floor. Daily I will find books, toys, garbage, and cups in the garage. Noah has yet to go through the door himself, but Aaden is a pro. While switching laundry over the other day (seriously only 2 minutes) I turned and there was Aaden right behind me. They LOVE the garage, which is sort of my fault as I turned it into a sort of parking lot. Little tikes car, wagon, riding cars etc. for when the weather is bad.

Right now our worst struggle is the kitchen table, man that Aaden is a stubborn little acrobat. No matter what I do, he figures out how to get on the kitchen table. He moves the chairs and pulls himself up. Then he stands on the table and does a little dance. Although NOT funny, it IS funny.

Meals are becoming different too, Noah is getting picky. When he doesn't like something he will throw it on the ground or put it on Aaden's tray. However, if he doesn't like something today, he might like it tomorrow, so I have to keep trying. I have learned that food order matters. If I serve them a meal with meat, starch, and veggie. Noah will eat the starch then throw the rest. So now they get veggies first, then the meat, then lastly the starch. If they eat well they get 2 organic animal crackers at the end of the meal. Aaden most times will refuse anything YOU feed him off the spoon, while Noah still prefers that sometimes. They have a mind of their own. Aaden is a GREAT eater, which you wouldn't know by the size of him, and Noah is a poor eater, which again you wouldn't know by the size of him.

I am loving the kisses and waves. Even better is when they kiss each other. I am going to try super hard to get that on video this weekend. Have I mentioned I love my boys and my life? I CANNOT wait for Christmas time and for our family of four to start new traditions. We plan to start pulling out some of the decorations this weekend. Awww Christmas music and making memories with my three boys, I CANNOT wait.

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