Pop Goes The Belly

Yes, ALREADY! I know it seems early, but I can no longer fit into any non-maternity clothes, I guess that is what happens with two. I am frantically searching for used maternity clothes via craigslist, ebay, consignment shops.

I met a woman today via craigslist for the trade, unfortunately those clothes were for the spring, although VERY cute. I sprung for a pair of jeans and brown pants at Motherhood, but you can only mix and match so much.

I will say that the Bella Band, found at target.com for $16.99 has become a good friend of mine. I can squeak into many of my non-maternity pants using that, which has been a god sent. Loving that Bella Band, I think I may invest in another color soon.


Anonymous said...

As an "older" woman I have no idea what a Bella Band is.............can you educate me???

Ryan and Stuart said...

Woo-hoo!!! Start taking those belly pictures!!!

Ryan and Stuart said...
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Boo said...

If you have a Motherhood near you, check their clearance rack and their sales. They're pretty good.

carina said...


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