NT Scan

Yesterday was our NT Scan, and I believe it went well. We will not have the official results back until next week. They take three things into account: The scan, my age, and blood results. Going off the scan and my age we are good. On the scan they wanted the measurement to be under 3 mm. Baby A 1.1mm and Baby B 1.5mm, so I was told the scan was good.

Our pumpkins are CUTE and active and the loves of my life. The office we went to was FANTASTIC with a huge screen hanging up above for us to watch, I LOVED that. We got to watch the babes for almost an hour. That is part being because Baby B didn't want to flip over. Believe me he was doing flips, but wouldn't stay the way they wanted him to measure behind the neck. It was so amazing to see them and AGAIN I couldn't stop laughing. The u/s tech was NOT happy with me, but the doctor was great and he is the doctor I would see should any problems arise that the OB is not comfortable with. We might go back to that office for the 20 week scan because the machines are so much better.

Both heartbeats were nice and strong, but I didn't get a number. Baby B is a little Moose measuring a day ahead. Baby A is measuring two days behind, I of course was a little worried, but the doctor (a specialist) was completely fine with it. He was not worried at all and told me that we don't even begin to worry unless it is 6 or 7 days behind. With twins this can happen, he was a FANTASTIC doctor and I feel very confident in him and his practice. He personally knows my OB and called him after my appointment to talk about how they will work together in my case and to tell my OB that he is willing to step in whenever needed. So either way I feel VERY comfortable.

Yesterday was a great day, I cannot believe how much they have changed, I can't even describe it. It was like a fantastic movie that I couldn't quit watching. Little hands moving and feet kicking. Sucking thumbs, they just amaze me. How can I be so in love already?

On a poopy note Gabe no longer works weekends, while this may sound good... it is... but it isn't. Gabe was to be the Monday babysitter when the pumpkins come. So I have lost my Monday babysitter, back to the drawing board. Hard to be even slightly upset when we have so much good news right now. Some how we are going to find a reliable, inexpensive babysitter. I just know it.
Baby B sucking his thumb. We got to watch his little hand come up and go straight into his mouth. My heart melted. Check out the belly, we joked that it is like Daddy's.


The Pifer's said...

awwww how adorable!!! I am praying for you and your babies :)

Madsen Family said...

so happy all went well! cute little ones, those are GREAT pictures!

Katie said...

I am so glad everything went well, I was unable to get an NT scan due to scheduling so I am a little jealous- I can't believe how much the baby changes- its amazing!

Good luck!

Mimi said...

What a wonderul day you had!! I am so happy for you. Your babies are adorable!!! They are getting bigger and bigger!


twondra said...

Awwww, so sweet! Thanks for sharing!!