March 5th Appointment

I did my bloodwork at 8:30 a.m., then had my ultrasound at 9:00. I had no cysts and 23 or so resting follicles. Yahooo, and this time I was allowed to have this many!

At 1:00 they called to let me know that FSH, LH, and E2 were all within normal limits and I needed to come back to the office to get randomized to a study group. Group #1 - Gonal-F @ 100 Group #2 - Gonal-F @ 150 or Group #3 - Trial Drug - Long Lasting FSH drug made by Gonal-F. I got the trial drug, all day I had been been praying to get what was right for me, so I had no expectation or desire and when I got it and I was fine with it.

The nurse gave me the shot of the long lasting drug in my abdomen, it was a lot like the lupron needle, but burned MUCH more than lupron. I had to stay for 1/2 hour to watch for a skin reaction. They gave me a long talk about how well this trial drug had been working. I go in on Monday --- YES Monday and the eggs should be close to ready. No joking! She said a lot of that has to do with my age and the fact that my ovaries have so many follicles, but mainly because patients are reacting much faster to this drug.

So we have a check on Monday and retrieval could be Wednesday or Thursday. If I need a bit of a push I would get a dose of Gonal-F (approved stimulation medication) for Monday night to take home, other wise the shot yesterday would be my only stimulation shot.

I am in a bit of pain today. I can really feel some activity in my ovaries and A LOT of bloating, but again IT IS ALL WORTH IT!

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