Halloween and a Little Picture Catch Up

Halloween evening was full of ups and downs, while Aaden had the time of his life poor Noah bear was sick with a throat and ear infection.  He managed to make the best of it and made it to five houses or so. 
Thankfully the Saturday before Halloween he was feeling okay so we got out and went to a Halloween party and he was able to play around and have fun in his costume.

After we made it around our street on Halloween night No-ey went back to the house with Daddy and Baby Hudson.  Aaden on the other hand was a trooper we combed the neighborhood on FOOT.  As a Mom of three it is VERY rare to go somewhere without a stroller or wagon in tow so this was sort of a treat for me. He did awesome, saying "thank you" to everyone and even trying to muster up "trick or treat."  After someone gave him candy he would shake his bag and smile.  If a house was dark and sort of scary he would say "Mommy I no like it," or "Mommy I no want candy."  Halloween with forever be a great memory for us, although a little bittersweet that No-ey couldn't enjoy it more.

 On our way to the party

 Picking out his pumpkin to decorate "A-Day do it!"

Our little Ernie
 Yup folks, that is the best we are going to get for a picture
 Trick or Treat

 Two months

 Our Major Cutie

 Mama's little helper
 Bath time fun

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