Cell Phone Pic Overload

I did an update on my phone the other day, which means my pics and videos came over too.  A little but of an overload I know, but I just had to share.

Today and tomorrow I did and will be doing things I never thought I would do.  Today I packed up maternity and outgrown Hudson clothes and will NOT be saving anything.  Tomorrow I will be getting an IUD, which is some pretty darn permanent birth control.  Looks like we are closing up shop.  In so so many ways it makes me sad, but I know that three is a perfect number for us and we have been so very blessed.  I just didn't think it would be this hard to call it final! 

Meeting Mickey!!!!!

Lion... RAWRRRR!!!!

I will get the remote Mom

Lion King!

Smarty pants

Lion King makes me smile

Mickey's House

I know my letters

I know my numbers

Lion King some more

A little chat with Aaden

Rock out

Our little rocker

Daddy's Birthday

Zoom zoom!!

 Popcorn and a movie, spoiled boys
 The slippers Aaden wore for four days straight
That lip...

 Mommy's first time taking a walk alone to the store with the boys
 First time wearing shoes!
 Dad and his boys
 Birthday outfits from Mima
 Four weeks old
 It's football season

 Coming home after Daddy's first day back to work, he missed his boys
 A night with Grammy babysitting.  Hi Mommy!

 Mommy loves her Hudson
 Yes, I am king of the stroller
 Mommy loves Day-Day
 Upgrading our sticker

 These boots are made for walking
 Our little sock monkey
 Got to keep Hudson safe from his crazy Brothers while Mommy uses the potty
 Aaden loves his brother
 It's swaddle time

 Bath time
A little smile from our guy

Our own little Mickey Mouse

Somebody loves Simba

Bath time

It's Elmo!

It's me.. Mommy the Pumpkin head

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