Have You Ever...

Have you ever spent most of the night in bed praying for a miracle?  Praying for a different outcome?  Praying that your problem would magically go away?  I remember all too well what it was like to spend a majority of every night praying.  Praying to become a Mom, and then praying for healthy full-term babies.  Last night, I spent most of the night praying for a miracle for my Grammy.  I prayed that the cancer would just go away.  All I wanted was for it to go away and never come back.

I received a call from Grammy this morning.  When I saw her picture on my phone, I knew this was the call, which was going to tell us the "next step."  I heard her tears, much harder tears that yesterday.  I braced myself and held myself up against the kitchen sink trying to remain as calm as I could for the boys.  Then I detected a hint of laughing in her voice as she yelled... "IT'S NOT CANCER!"  I just kept saying "thank you God!"  It seems that yesterday her doctors office jumped the gun in reading her results to her.  After more thorough review from the specialist, it is NOT cancer, but more a form of pre-cancer that just needs to be watched.  I guess it is hard to explain, so they plan to meet with the specialist tomorrow to go over all the details, but the AMAZING news is she is all clear and nothing further needs to happen.  Thank you thank you thank you God!  And thank you all for your concern and prayers, we are so very blessed yet again.

Today I was delighted to meet up with a long time fertility friend and fellow blogger.  We met in an IVF buddy group on FF back in 2008.  There are five of us girls who have remained close since we met in the group and all of us have been blessed with at least a baby (mostly two) since that time.  Ryan recently moved about an hour away from me so we decided to meet at a museum near her.  The museum was great, I can't wait to take the boys back with the Daddy.  It was so fun to meet Ryan and her kids, we all had a ball.  Well, until Noah had a mini melt down because he was so over tired and we had to struggle to make the walk to the car with no stroller.  We plan to meet up again after baby Hudson comes, maybe somewhere a little closer to me next time.

Aaden rocking out
Noah loved the bubbles and the frogs

Evie & William
Aaden loving the fish
My guys
Noah & Evie.  We joked that they look related.
Aaden is definitely musical
What a fun time!


Brenda said...

What a wonderful day. And praise God about your Grandma! !!!!!

Ryan said...

I'm so glad your Grandma received good news! It was wonderful spending time with all of you! I'm looking forward to our next visit in Napa!