Baby Shower

When asked numerous times if I was having a baby shower, my answer was always "no."  I was under the impression that with second babies you didn't have a shower and I was totally fine with that.  I mean we had a huge blowout for the boys shower and we still had much of their things left over for Hudson.  So what if buggie boy had all hand me down blankies and clothes?

Well my wonderful friends had a different idea.  They felt Hudson and I needed a little spoiling too.  Much to my surprise a shower was brewing.  I found out a couple weeks prior to the shower and was delighted to say the least.  It was just perfect!  An intimate girls brunch where I could spend time with some wonderful girls and Hudson was blessed with some special blankies, clothes, and toys just for him.  Sweet boy does need to know how much he was/is loved too.

I had no idea the theme or who would be there.  It was fun not knowing the details.  The girls did an A-MAZING job!  The brunch was amazing as was the company.  Andrea out did herself with the sweetest diaper cake and gorgeous farm themed cupcakes.  Susie outdid herself with the amazing food and decorations.

All in all it was a beautiful day where I could get away and relax and feel pampered.  Hudson and I were showered with love.  Huge huge thank yous to Susie and Andrea for the beautiful day, I could not ask for more.  Love you girls!

 Skinny Girl margaritas only became available in my area while I was pregnant, 
so I have yet to try them .  Can't wait!

 Needless to say Gabe was thrilled to see these.

 Auntie Heather came through again with a beautiful hand made blanket.  This time complete with cowboy theme.
 Beautiful, soft, angelic blankie made by my Mom

 Feed the piggie! Aaden loves to feed his piggie change, no doubt Hudson will love it too.

 Yahoo special blankets just for Hudson

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