All Over The Place

This blog post is going to be all over the place.  I am going to try to play some catch up and fill you in on our crazy lives.

Today marks 10 days until baby Hudson's arrival.  Just TEN days!  In the evenings I begin to wonder if we will make it 10 days.  I am having some major cramps and aches going on and some definite contractions,  but still nothing consistent.  By the time 7 p.m. hits I can hardly walk from all the work and chaos from the day.

At my 37 week appointment things went fine.  It was the 2nd week in a row I have not gained any weight, but the doctor was okay with it.  I have still gained just 21 pounds.  This is thanks to being off work I imagine and chasing after the boys... we NEVER stop.  I try VERY hard to stop while they nap in the afternoon, but that is also the time I get stuff done so it rarely happens.

This Thursday will be my LAST OB appointment and my LAST NST.  The following Thursday the 25th DH and I plan to take our little munchkins somewhere special ALL day and make the day ALL about them.  Then... we will drop them off at my Grandma's house.  We had to change it up a bit because Friday morning I check in at 5 a.m., which would mean Gram would have to get up around 3 a.m. to be here.  So now they will spend an extra night with her.  She will drive them back here Friday to meet their little Brother.  SO SURREAL!

So we all know that my little duo makes me SO proud, but there is another man in my life that makes me just as proud.  Makes me burst with smiles and feel like the luckiest woman alive.  That would be my talented husband!  He has been in a a band for awhile now, but this last year they changed some members and really stepped it up a notch.  They are sounding amazing and getting a great following.  Last week they were honored to be asked to play at our local county fair, while to some this may not sound like much, but really for us.. well it's the big time.  What greater local exposure?  And let me tell you HE HIT IT OUT OF THE PARK.  On Sunday he had another gig at a local restaurant.  My phone mic was acting up so I am hoping you could hear some of it.  Thankfully the mic problem was an easy fix, but the videos are still quiet.  The band is on a little break now do to Hudson's arrival, but I will try again in October when they resume.

The Bugs are doing great and still THRIVING with Mama home.  It's amazing the changes that can happen with Mommy home.  We are still in debates about what will happen come December with me working.  We are thinking we might try like heck to come up with a super tight budget so I can stay home and just go in Thursdays when we have free help.  We have also been throwing around the idea of me picking up a night job maybe two nights a week.  In a perfect world we could swing me staying home, but we all know this world isn't prefect, so I am still asking around and trying to find some options that don't cost as much as I am making that day at work.  In all honesty, the more I stay home the more I love it.  When I was working I loved doing both, but I know now how much I really do love being home.  I cannot imagine how all this crap at home did or will get done if I worked two or three days a week.  I am ALWAYS busy!  

I have some shots of our maternity shoot I want to be sure and post here because soon enough we will be bombarded by photos of Hudson and the maternity photos will be old news.  This is not all of them, the rest are still being edited.

One Daddy's biggest fans!

A glimpse of the fair

A "Hi Mama!" always melts my heart

 So proud of his shirt
 The diaper drama continues.  Note the diaper on the mantel and the diaper in mid air.
 37 Weeks
 The back-up singers
 Hey No-ey you think I can pass the jeep in front of us?

 This is what happens when I bring a new baby item into the house

Look Mom I found this growing on the plant and I picked it and took a big bite!

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jenn said...

how exciting!!! good luck! hope all goes well with you and new baby!!!! cant wait to "meet" him!