What the Heck?

I posted a nice long Mother's Day post yesterday full of details and pictures and it's gone! I can see it on my phone, but not on the computer. I know blogger was having issues yesterday afternoon, as I could not log in. Hopefully it shows up soon.

Guess what??? VIABILTY!!!!!!!!!! 24 weeks today! Baby H seems to be doing well.

I am having some issues, but both my OB nad GP don't seem too concerned so I am playing it by ear. Started with a horrible headache a couple nights ago and I thought nothing of it. Then yesterday at work I got this vision episode where things where blurry, and I saw spots and stars. I had this a couple times before, but always blew it off. This time I mentioned it to a co-worker and she thought it sounded of concern. After a call to the OB they thought it sounded like an ocular migraine, which I guess is a migraine without the pain that effects the vision. So an hour later the vision thing went away and I carried on. Then last night the headache from Hell came back. This morning the dizziness and lightheadedness came on. So on my way to work I stopped to check my blood pressure at the pharmacy it was 110/64, which seemed a bit low. So I called the GP and they agreed it was a bit low. They want me to drink lots of fluid and be sure to eat three balanced meals and snacks and check back with them on Monday. So that is where we are. I am okay, I just feel a touch "off." Hopefully things return to normal soon and it is no big deal.


Hernandez Clan said...
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Hernandez Clan said...

Ugh mine deleted too from yesterday! So lame. Darn Blogger. hehe.

I am super sad to hear you are not feeling good. if you need a twin break let me know and I will gladly take them off your hands. Teehee. Love you. Hope it all gets better.