Double Digits

That's right baby Hudson is due in 99 day! However, he will be here before that. He is penciled in to be here the morning of August 26th, just 92 days from now.

I have SO much to blog about, but have been under the weather and on a little trip. Yup, we went on a trip to Arizona. I didn't mention it because it was a surprise for Mima (My Mother-In-Law.) Although, I guess it wasn't a surprise as it turns out she was tipped off, which was a bit disapointing, but still glad we made the effort and were able to be there for her big 60th Birthday.

I will say that I will NOT be flying with my kids again anytime soon. Let's just say that the $900 plane rides, wait scratch that... RIDE. Just one way was PURE TORTURE, I mean counting down the minutes hiding your head kind of torture! More to come on the torture ride and the worst Birthday ever soon. For now I will leave ya guessing and leave ya with a little story.

So we booked a hotel room while in Tucson, which was by far a super great idea because lets face it there are four of us and two of which like to put their grubby little paws all over things and also because a little space is always nice and I didn't want us to be an inconvenience to anyone. So, while this was a great idea and all we never really thought about how cramped a hotel room would be with two pack n' plays and a king size bed. Thankfully after some furniture moving we were able to make it work, but then onto the next problem... How to get two 20 month olds to fall asleep with their parents sitting in the room with them? No, no not impossible if they are REALLY tired, however they thought it was a game while we were in the room. Many of you know that we were blessed with amazing sleepers. The boys fall asleep no prob and on average sleep about 12 hours a night without making a peep. So, when I realized that just laying them down was not going to fly the real fun began. We tried just turning the lights out and we left the TV on so we could watch a little while they fell asleep, fail. So the TV went off and the iphones went on so we could play Words With Friends, again fail. Phones went off and the giggles still continued. A couple of minutes of silence passed and I thought maybe they were giving in, but NO... Aaden jumped up into the bed with us laughing and laughing, fail again. I then realized we had to be stern. Being stern was the only thing that worked and finally the bugs were down for the count. By night three we were getting slightly bored of laying in the dark being quiet while they fell asleep, much to my surprise the DH came to the dark bed with a surprise. A bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans from the vending machine. He said "lets share the bean and guess the flavor." For some reason this struck me so funny and it was oh so cute. It made me realize how different our lives had become. We were now laying in bed so our two kids could fall asleep at 8 p.m. while we played a jelly bean game in the dark. So funny the things that change and the things you will do to be sure your kids get a good night sleep. I will never ever forget the jelly bean game nor will I forget to get a two bedroom hotel room.

Pictures and stories about our trip to come soon, when I start feeling better.

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jenn said...

jelly bean game...what a cute fun way to pass time! love it! and i will have to remember the two bedroom tip...in aug our second will be here too...and i would have never even thought of the difficulties you face in a "normal" hotel room!