Mother's Day

I used to dread Mother's Day and Sunday didn't go without me remembering the heartache I and others have or are facing to become Mothers. I laid in bed and smiled as I listened to Noah in the living room saying "elmo elmo." While Aaden said "where Mommy at?" over and over as the three guys in my life made me a spanish omelette and I sat in a quiet room feeling little Hudson kicking away. Moments like this seemed so far away just three Mother's day ago. Now I am living my dreams, and I couldn't help, but to pinch myself.

They brought me a yummy omlette in bed along with a homemade card and gift certificate to get a pedicure and have a little Mommy time afterwards.

I ended up moving the breakfast in bed out to the kitchen where the boys and I could eat together and then I was able to sneak away for a shower and to get ready for the day. While in the shower Daddy and Aaden went outside to pick a rose for me. He was very impatient and couldn't wait to give it to me so he ended up barging in on my shower with a nice little surprise.

Gabe surprised me by dressing the boys while I showered and I got bags ready for the day while he showered and we were off, but not without a sweet call from my Dad as well as the boy's God-Father wishing me a Happy Mother's Day.

We met up with my Mom, Step Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, and Aunt at Train Town. The boys were in love with the minature ride which stopped at a small petting zoo.

After Train Town My Mom and I exchanged gifts. She got me a little silver locket with N&A's picture in it and we headed over to the park for some play, a picnic, and a chance to feed the ducks. After play time we walked around for a bit, but the boys were just beat and in need of a nap. Noah fell asleep in the stroller, but poor Aaden, when he knows stuff is going on he just won't sleep. So we packed up and headed home. Aaden was asleep before we left the parking lot.
When we got home the boys were still sleepy, so they continued to nap back at home in their cribs, and VERY unlike me I chose to take the hour for myself. I laid down on the couch and watch an episode of Pregnant in Heels, and I must say I liked it.

The boys woke and we feed and bathed them and then I snuck away for a quick Trader Joe's trip. When I got back, the Honey whipped us up some seared scallops, spinach salad, and flat bread and we ate after the boys went down to bed.
After dinner Gabe said the other part of my present was a new maternity work outfit (I was on bedrest so early that I never really acquired a lot of work maternity clothes with the boys), which I am in DESPERATE need of, but just couldn't bring myself to spend the money on something I would only wear for another four months or so. So after he pushed for it for a minute I hopped on motherhood.com, and ordered a pair of capris and a shirt. I ended the evening heading to bed at 9 p.m. and watching Desperate Houswives in bed. All in all, a magical day and night.

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