Hi all, the 6 month check up went well. Noah's back of his head is still a little flat thanks to his great sleeping skills in which he lays flat on the back of his head for eleven hours each night. We were told to try to turn his head a bit while he is asleep and to keep him off his back during the day. Noah is weighing in at 16 lbs. 13 oz. and is 26 3/4". Aaden is 15 lbs. 10 oz. and is 27". They are doing great and love some of the new stage two foods.

As for me, the D&C worked, thank goodness! I feel like a whole new woman, I have more energy, and my bloat is gone. The belly is still here, but the bloat and crampiness have subsided.

On another note, I have come to the conclusion that we cannot technically afford for me to only be working part time. But ya know what? Oh well! These two days that I get to spend with my bugs mean the world to me and if I have to dip into savings and retirement then so be it. I can't get these years back, and this is important to us. We will eat Top Ramen, watch every penny we spend, and just be thankful for our miracles. We were willing to spend whatever to create these miracles, now we are willing to sacrifice to spend as much time as we can with them in these early years.


Christina said...

You guys all look happy and great! So are you officially a SAHM? Its been amazing for me..I love spending so much time with my girls. :)

Hernandez Clan said...

Amen Sista! I love to hear that its TO STINKIN' BAD, you're staying home anyways!

I am sure its the BEST feeling, and so glad you guys will do it. Hey, there are many ways to cook Top Ramen noodles that are cheap ;)

We love you!

GOODNESS, I still can't get over the fact that we get to see you soon!!!!!

BB said...

Love your family pic! So are you going to be a SAHM or you cont to go part-time? I am so lookig fwd to being a SAHM!

Kami said...

I just want to eat those babies up!!! They are getting so big Tiff. *Sniff sniff*