All Set

In office D & C set for Monday morning, wish me luck!

The boys go to the babysitter on Monday so it works out. Now if only I could find a babysitter for Tuesday since I am pretty sure I won't be 100% to take care of the boys.

The anticipated cost for the in-office is around $1,000 vs. the hospital version which would have been well over my $4,000 deductible. They sent in a script for Vicodin, Motrin, and Valium to take before the procedure. Crossing fingers that all goes smoothly and the pain isn't too bad.

In buggy news... they are chattering up a storm. So, I have taken it upon myself to say the word "Mama" to them repeatedly each day. The sitting up is going, but not yet mastered, which is starting to worry me a bit. The smiles and giggles are seen and heard a lot around our house. Mr. A is just a little smile bug, I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing them in the mornings and when I get home from work. The huge smile that spreads across their faces when they see me takes my breathe away. How did I get so lucky to be these creatures Mommy?

Baby food is going well, they are little chow-hounds. Both love bananas, but the jar kind more then home made...go figure. The also both LOVE sweet potatoes. Noah likes peas and Aaden isn't too fond of them. Noah isn't a fan of green beans, but Aaden is.

Next week is their 6 month check up where we should be cleared for stage 2 food and of course another set of shots.

We are going to Arizona in just a few weeks, I can't wait to bask in the sun. First to Tucson to visit my Mother-In-Law, Sisters-In-Law, Brother-in-law, Niece, and Nephew. Then we will all travel to Scottsdale where Gabe and I booked a three bedroom place for us to stay. (This was our Christmas present to them.) We are hoping to take in a SF Giants Spring training game while we are there. Gabe and I love the Giants, in fact we got engaged at a game. After three nights in Scottsdale we will meet up with our good friends The Hernandez Clan, where we will have a couple of nights in Sedona.


Baby Wanted said...

I will be praying it all goes smoothly and the pain isn't too bad! I'm sorry you have to go through this!

Your trip to AZ sounds wonderful...I'm sure you guys are all going to have a blast and it will be a much needed break!

Sophie said...

I hope everything goes well for you!

Many twins are very slow (mines are) to do things...don't worry it will come

Hernandez Clan said...

Good luck at the doctors, let me know if you need anything, always here for you, even if just for questions.

Have fun with the fam in Scottsdale in Sedona, but I hope for even MORE fun in Sedona :)

And as far as the boys, don't worry to much about sitting up, Rian also was a bit slower and he is doing great now. Just might be that they want to go at their own pace. Sometimes we forget they have so much to learn!

As far as baby food. Ha. So cute. the vid was awesome. Miss you guys!

twondra said...

Definitely praying it all goes well! Update us when you can!

I had a dream the other night that I babysat your boys. :) Wish I could watch them Tuesday for ya!

Thanks for the support on my blog! You're so sweet. (((HUGS)))

Helene said...

I'm bummed to hear you did need a D&C after all. I hope everything goes smoothly and that you'll have a quick recovery!

The boys sound like they're doing wonderfully!! Isn't it so much fun to feed them solids?? The looks on their faces each time they try something new is classic!!

I enjoy reading your blog so much because I totally miss when my babies were as little as your boys are. It brings back such happy memories!

Helene said...

Oh and have fun in AZ!!!!

Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Good luck tomorrow. I hope you recover quickly! Enjoy AZ, Im sure you will have the best time!

Flying Monkeys said...

Good luck tomorrow!