Back on Track

Ahhhh I am NOT broken. Yesterday's appointment went GREAT! We are back on track. I was right where I needed to be and blood work was perfect, so we were able to trigger ovulation last night.

Gabe gave me my shot which was different than last time. This medication was a powder which we had to mix with the dilutant and then injected. The injection site is much more tender than I remember from last time. Ahhh or maybe I am just being a big baby.

So, as long as the little embryo cooperates we are set for transfer Monday morning at 9:10. We are leaving for a relaxing weekend in Tahoe for our anniversary and will be crossing fingers and toes that the blastocyst thaws properly on Monday.

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Drea said...

Woot Woot! Good to have good news!!! Have a great anniversary weekend!!!