I have started the clomid. No baseline ultrasound was needed, thank goodness. We are going to TRY to only have one or two ultrasounds since they are $350 each. I go in for the first one on the 19th. We are tentatively set for a transfer sometime during the week of the 25th if all goes well.

I have been worrying A LOT lately about the thaw. Having just the one scares the heck out of me. If only we have two or three I wouldn't be so worried, but see the thawing process is NOT flawless and the odds of the blast surviving the thaw is NOT 100%. So, we will give it a shot and pray for the best. I got to give it a try.

Embryo Thawing

Before FET can take place, your embryos must be thawed after the freezing process. When your reproductive endocrinologist decides it is time to begin the FET procedure, your embryos will be removed from the freezer and thawed.

The embryos are allowed to thaw naturally, until they come to room temperature.

The embryos are then steeped in four separate solutions to help remove any cryoprotectant used during the freezing process.

Your embryos are then warmed to body temperature (37°C) and mixed with a small amount of culture medium.

We have decided that we will FOR SURE jump directly into IVF#2 if need be with NO delay. The $ can no longer be the driving factor, we will worry about that later. We want nothing more than to be parents and as we have said before, we will stop at nothing and will sacrifice anything to make our dreams come true. While financial stability is HUGE to us, being parents means more, and as we have said before... money things have a way of working out. We will figure out how to make it work and where to cut back.

Our anniversary is the 28th and for now we are planning to go up to my bosses cabin in Tahoe. Regardless of what happens during that week, we will still go. It was either be a relaxing, movie watching, bed rest get away or a re-grouping, little bit of wine, moving forward get away. We will just have to play it by ear.

So, the ride has started again. I will stay as hopeful as I possibly can, without getting myself excited. I will keep you posted.

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