Catch Up at a Glance

Where's Noah?

Dentist appointment, no cavities BUT Aaden is lacking a permanent tooth which will NOT be fun in about 5 years

My sweet dragon

licking brownie spoons is the best part

Finally all of our craft stuff in ONE spot.  Bring on the rain!

Painting turkeys

Yum ice cream

His Brothers locked him out and sad for them and me... he knows how to open it

Pizza and our Giants won the World Series!

Cardiologist appointment.  Hole is still there, but they are hoping it will be gone next year when we check on it again

Singing with Daddy yet again, Daddy's band has been VERY busy.

Our first fire in our FIRST EVER fireplace!

Working on our fine motor skills ripping up paper

Ahhhh a clean house and a hidden play nook make me a HAPPY Mommy.  I straighten the house EVERY night before I go to bed.

Noah and his best friends

Hudson had a 104 fever for 3 days.  They did bloodwork and all came back okay, he had roseola poor buddy.

3 year check up

Counting marshmallows

Our little walker

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happymomof2 said...

LOVE all the pictures!!! Looks like you all have had a busy but fun Fall:)