Thanksgiving Week

Our new tradition since my Great Aunt passed away is to go to our family cabin for Thanksgiving.  We always spent it with her at my Grandma's house so we decided to make this a trip and spend more time enjoying eachother so now we go away as a family for a few days and make some memories.  On this trip my big boy Aaden became 100% potty trained!  Yahoooooo one down two to go and I think Noah is right behind him.  I am SO glad I decided not to push them too much, it's much easier when they are just ready.  Now to figure out how to get that bottle away from Hudson, eh oh well he's my baby we will work on it soon.  For now I will stick to potty training and keep my baby a baby a little longer. 

We decided this year we would start the tradition of watching Christmas movies Thanksgiving night.  So Frosty the Snowman it was and then the next day we were off to get our Christmas tree.  So far we are full force ahead with celebrating Christmas.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have babies to celebrate this holiday with and how happy it makes me to see Christmas through their eyes.

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