Surprises For My Three Year Olds!

So a couple months ago we started working on this grand plan to take the twins to Disneyland for their 3rd Birthday.  We had it all planned out where we would stay, a couple of sitters lined up for Hudson since he is a very hard age to take somewhere like that and to stand in lines.  

The day before we were biting the bullet Aaden and our television had a stand off.  Being not all the way moved in, we had yet to mount the TV on the wall so Aaden pulled on a speaker to the surround sound, which the wire caught on the TV and down it went shattering the screen.  Thankfully the kids were safe.  I happened to be on the phone with Gabe so he heard it all happen.  He thought Hudson had fallen down the stairs since at that time we still didn't have baby gates.  We priced out a new screen which was $600 so instead ended up buying a new TV.  Given this unexpected expense we decided Disney had to wait.

Well Gabe worked a ton of over time a couple weeks ago then a couple family members offered to chip in on the hotel and our tickets (kids were free until age 3.)  So at the last minute we decided the trip was back on, and boy was it worth it!  I have NEVER cried so many happy tears in my life we all had an amazing time.  


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happymomof2 said...

YAY!!!! Awesome pictures- looks like two very special boys and there parents had a great time with lots of memories:) Hope Hudson did well too.