The Zoo and More

As an update the five minute child is doing MUCH better.  Now that sleeping is back to normal he has been less needy and has been spending much more time playing trains and giving Mommy a free minute.

In toddler bed news naps go really really well with Noah in Hudson's room and Aaden in their room.  The biggest tip I have for anyone is to remove most of the toys.  We narrowed the toys in the room down to this one large bucket.  At naps and bedtime that large bucket is then moved into the hallway. This helped IMMENSELY!  Also HUGELY helpful for twins, we pushed their beds together.  I plan to slowly start moving them apart, but for now I don't mind, it just shows how much they love each other and it helps for them to feel safe.  Also helpful with a new special lullaby CD I made along with a special "cars" nightlight.  Last night marked one week and it was the first time they were asleep around their normal bedtime and I NEVER had to go back in the room to get them back in their beds.  I know we still have some hurdles to cross, but for now it's going well.

In Hudson news he is still a perfect angel.  He never ever wakes at night and is playing a lot more and staying awake much more during the day.  He is a chunky monkey fitting well in 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers.

Noah is INSANELY in love with animals, so we spotted and awesome Groupon deal and off we went to the zoo.  He loves ALL animals and can even name them, he named off an OSTRICH.  What two year old knows that?

Without further ado... THE ZOO!

The Lion Sleeps TONIGHT!  
(and you MUST raise your hands up for some reason when you say tonight.)  Love love that sweet voice, he's already following in Daddy's footsteps.

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