To My Dear Sweet Twins

Dear N&A,

Today you entered boy hood in a silly way!  Today you went to the dentist and made the first big step in becoming responsible little people.  Much to my surprise you handled it all pretty well.  I had these envisions of you guys biting the dentist or clenching your jaws shut tight, but with the dentist expertise and your Mama holding you in the chair it went rather well.  You have joined the ranks of BOYS, no longer our babies but real true members of society complete with health questionnaires and handing off your SSNs.

To you my sweet members of society please remember that NOTHING is handed to you!  In order to live life and enjoy things you must work for it.  In order to give, you DON'T have to receive.  ALWAYS appreciate those who go out of their way for you. Even being wee ones you can still make an effort with drawing a card or making a gift.  In order to smile you don't have to be super happy, do it to make some one else smile.  Always send a thank you card if you don't get to open the gift in front of the giver.  Tell people you care about them for no darn good reason because you NEVER know when they might not be there.

Open doors for people, tell women they are beautiful, give compliments, say God Bless you when some one sneezes, help a stranger in need, always try your best, never give up, always kiss your spouse goodnight.

Even if you happen to get spoiled please remember that there are people less fortunate than you and be THANKFUL for what you are given.  Never ever take for granted the friends you have or the people who make efforts for you.  Always always love your Brothers and always always know that your Mommy and Daddy think the world of you even when you are driving us crazy.

Continue to pat, kiss, hug, and rub your Mommy's hair because it truly makes her think she is the most important person in the world.  Know that life  might not always be this way and please please always appreciate special gestures and acts of kindness from other people.

You boys going to the dentist taught me that not only do I have to be sure you step up and take care of your teeth for the future, you must step up and be real men.  Don't be afraid to get dirty, cook, clean, and lend your hand to the women who love you so much.  Watch your Daddy as he mows the lawn, decorates with Christmas lights or puts tons of effort into BBQing yummy meals and strive to be the man he is.  Nothing my pair EVER comes easy.  Even if we push you it means we love you.  We are instilling in you the things that we think will make you good men.  Please remember that you don't have to do a good deed to be rewarded with a prize, do a good deed because it's the right thing!  Always always say please and thank you and appreciate when someone goes out of their way.

You my sweet duo in deed make me yearn for breaks and long showers, but also make me realize what love, sibling love, and pure innocence is and have made me a different woman.

You my duo along with your Baby and your Daddy are all I live for.  You have taught me a different me... one I hate sometimes, one that gets frustrated more than I thought I would, one that is smelly for lack of shower, one that has truly come to appreciate who the helpful people are, and one that doesn't take a little break for granted.  One that will never ever take special moments for grated.

I love you N&A... and the big boy teeth you are growing.


Hernandez Clan said...

This entire post made me cry. I think this is by far one of the most amazing, heart felt posts I hvae seen in a while! i love your little guys and I do cant wait to see the little men they grow to be!

Anonymous said...

Amen to all of it......gosh that was good. I want to add always open doors, cars and building doors for the women in your life.