I must say going into this I wasn't so sure how well the kids would do.  A 7 hour car ride each way, long lines for rides, numerous time spent in the stroller.  BUT it was AMAZING!  The kids all of them did fantastic.  Did we have some melt downs?  Of course, but very few and the expressions on their faces were priceless.  The memories are some I will forever have and I don't regret this trip what so ever.  In fact I actually cried yesterday when we had to come home, and I actually cried when the boys met Mickey.  I cried about coming home mostly because our fun and vacation was over, but also because I was sad to be home and alone again.  I truly truly needed that extra help for a few days.  I very rarely ask for it, but wow extra hands are helpful.  Someone to help with diapers, jammies, but mostly someone to just play with them, hold them and make them giggle.  I very very rarely ever get the time to just stop and play with my boys and make it all about them.  Something ALWAYS has to be done.  So knowing that a toilet didn't have to be scrubbed or that someone else was cleaning up after breakfast made me happy.  Loving on my boys made me happy.  Having extra hands and eyes made me happy. Relaxing in a hot tub after the boys went down instead of folding laundry made me happy.

We took two cars for the drive.  One Gabe, myself, a twin, and Hudson.  This allowed me to climb back in the middle to entertain the kids.  Half way through the twins switched which helped SO much.

The only downfall to the trip were the crazy hot temperatures.  The first day it was 104.  Then our first day in the park it was 97.  The next couple days were not near as bad, but still pretty warm.  I cannot believe how well the boys did in line and how many rides we actually rode.

We needed this, I needed this.  The boys and all of us had an amazing time.  Even the grown ups went on about four rides which was nice.  We quickly learned that it would be Aaden who was more cautious, we all thought it would be Noah.

 Swimming at our rental house.  
What a brilliant idea the Hubs had, about the same of even less than a couple hotel rooms.  So nice to have a big playroom full of toys, a pool, hot tub, two high chairs, baby swings, and all kinds of kids stuff already there.  The boys even got a room with red bunk beds and each slept in bottom big boy beds with no problems.  Downfall was the distance.  It was about a 5 minute drive which then meant using the parking garage which was super far away too.
 Little Noah swimmer boy
 So much fun playing in the pool with my guys

 Aaden is so brave in the water and had so much fun playing with Daddy

 Even Hudson had a swim

 In line for Jungle Cruise

 True love on the Jungle Cruise

 Pizza in Toontown

 In line for the Haunted Mansion, BAD IDEA!  I forgot about the start with thunder and complete darkness.  It scared the crap out of the boys.

That right there was worth the drive, the sweat, and every single penny
 Completely in love with Mickey.  My Mom and I were in tears watching this

 In line for Small World it was another hit
 Hudson on Small World
 Noah didn't want any of the rides to end
 All three napping at the same time, Disneyland wore them out

 The parade was second after meeting Mickey and we some how lucked out with some AWESOME seats.  Hearing them name all the characters and Noah's pure delight when Lion King when showed up with forever be a special moment in my mind

 All the boys got ears, even Hudson.  This was a rare moment where they both kept them on for a picture.

 Ice cream break

 Yummy pineapple whip while waiting for the Enchanted Tiki Room

We had a blast and I am SO glad we decided to do it.  Can't wait to go back again in two years for the twins 4th Birthday and Hudson's 2nd.

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happymomof2 said...

Oh what great pictures and memories!!! I'm so glad you all were able to go and have those special times/ memories! Thanks for sharing!!