Wow You Have Your Hands Full!

So here's the thing. Maybe I do have my hands full, but how do you respond? EVERY time I am out with the boys I get this. Sometimes it is interchanged with "wow you must be busy!"

So ... how do I respond to these people? They are stating the obvious and while I love that they are acknowledging my boys and I and realizing things aren't a walk in the park, my question is.. how do I respond? And hey I am darn serious right now asking y'all this because I get it almost daily and I would love to have a response. I mean seriously... what do you say?

Random woman "wow, you have your hands full."

Me "uuumm... yes, yes I do."

I mean come on.. what am I supposed to say? What does she want to hear?

(1) Sure do
(2) it's a challenge, but I love it
(3) This is nothing compared to the struggles of infertility
(4) I wouldn't have it any other way
(5) Eh, it's not too bad
(6) Hands are full as is my heart
(7) Oh, I left my other four at home today, this is a piece of cake
(8) Thank goodness for help
(9) I owe my sanity to my non-existent nanny
(10) ... give me your best response readers...

So, those are some of my responses. What about yours? What have you said? And if you are one of those to make that comment, what do you expect to hear in return?


Mama Tina said...

Ask your "Granny" how did she do it??? Talking about having your hands full :) "6" kids. The oldest 9 years old a 14 month old and a new born ( Aunt Wolfie). And in those days the Daddy didn't change diapers either. Date night was the drive-In movies with all "6" in tow. I bet if you asked Granny about it, she'd say "I wouldn't have had it any other way" sounds just like the answer one might hear you say :)

Love you, mean it.

The former 14 month old :(

Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

I hear ya, sister! Drives me nuts too!! Yesterday I took the boys to a playground/park, I was a hot mess chasing them trying to keep an eyeball on both of them. This one mom had her 1 yr old on a leash and said, I just don't know how you do it. I was so annoyed, I wanted to say well your not doing anything with that kid on a freaking leash!!!! I usually just say, yep yep my hands are full, smile a fake smile and keep it movin!! It is really strange to me how much attention twins get, especially since they are so common these days.

Christina said...

The only thing I say is "yea, you think?"
Duh, yea I'm busy asshole! ;)

Anonymous said...

I have twins and always respond with yep my hands are full but its also double the kisses and double the hugs bet you dont have that. LOL gets them to shut up real quick

Anonymous said...

I say dont get so upset when they say that to you. It's hard having one and they know that, and they can't imagine having two. What they want to say is I can't do one how in the world are you doing two. They are complementing you not digging you. They just don't want admit your a hero!

Jenny said...

I actually have 5 kids, twins are the babies, I always say "yes, better full than empty:)". And I say I have 3 more at home....or if they say bless your heart, better you than me...."I say Yes better for me!"
They are a ton of work, but we are so blessed to have them, I wouldn't have it any other way!

Eileen said...

People say that to me all the time! Grrrrrr!! I just want to smack them. I like the previous poster always say "Better full than empty."

Anonymous said...

i usually just stare at them, lol. i'm not much for talking to strangers!!

Hernandez Clan said...

I agree the nicer responses are perfect, I really like the better full than empty because if you went with what I would say then it would sound like this "Damn right, now you gonna help or gawk" ;)

Love ya hun and I am sure that it all comes down to them 1. being in shock that you make it look easy (EVEN if deep down you are screaming) and 2. they know they couldn't do it so they want to know your tricks so that they can use it with their ONE kid. Hehe.

Missy said...

I am glad that you are continuing to blog. I enjoy reading your blog and seeing what I have to look forward to. My husband and I are expecting twin boys in a few months!

Anonymous said...

lol with 7 kids..I get this all the time..my favorite is when I have to take all 7 shopping and someone says are they all yours..which my reply is no I just go around my neighborhood and gather up random kids cause taking them shopping is so much fun!! ha! and to the hands full, I just smile..cause at that moment I have about lost my mind..and would say the wrong thing!!....they just dont get it! ..oh and I am a leash mom too..if we are at a large function, like the fair or a busy mall, 2 of the kids are going on a lesh..8 ppl are hard to keep track of!!(I say 8..cause I have lost my mind, and need to keep track of myself!) Good luck with them, and you dont have to share your struggles with everyone..we all know how thankful and grateful you are for the boys!

Stephania( fb friend)

Anonymous said...

Better than empty!