A Picture Tease

I have been a bad bad bad blogger, as usual.

Our lives has been CRAZY to say the least. Between a boat load of short sale paperwork and a few emotional meltdowns, keeping the house clean AT ALL times so people can come take a look, the boys baptism and party, a visit from Mima, a Birthday for me, a tooth from Noah, a nasty boo boo for Aaden, working a full week, a weekend at the lake, and packing for an upcoming grown up trip to Las Vegas, I am finding it hard to EVER sit down at home.

So here is a picture tease until I get another day off, don't worry I have plenty more pictures to share soon.
The boys first boat ride, loved the boat hated the life jackets
A new hat from Grammy for the boat

My Hunk and I

Day Day, where's your face?

Aaden and Daddy
Our friend Julie and the boys, don't they look thrilled?
Pretty Noah Boy
The boys and Addy.

May 22nd, 2010

Aaden and Grammy

Addy and Sarah

Grammy and her boys


Hernandez Clan said...

Yay! I have been WAITING! Hehe. 27..maybe 28 days! WOOT. Have fun in VEGAS!!!!

Dancer4_1 said...

love the pics boys are getting SO big..so glad you finnaly updated!
Stay safe hope the house sells soon...have fun in VEGAS!!

twondra said...

They are so precious! Thanks for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

wow! i can't believe how much hair your kids have! they're only two weeks older than mine and my kids look bald next to yours, lol.

sounds like you've been busy! can't wait for more updates and pics!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Hey, welcome back! Congrats on the boys baptism. And can I just say that they are just the absolute cutest. Seriously they are adorable.
I'm glad you are all doing so good. Definitely post more pics soon :)