Gymboree = Fun

Mama, please let me out of here so I can go cause some craziness!

I am fine here Mama.

Our pretty Noah

Lunch time!

See my tooth? Or should I say TEETH!

I still don't have any.

Hi ya, I am Aaden Parker

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Look penguins!

Hey Mama, I know this is my food, can I have some?
Gymboree with our friend Callum, he was born the day before us

I'm a little teapot

Mama and her boys


Helene said...

NOOOOOOO!!!! They're already sitting up on their own??? Weren't you just pregnant with them like yesterday??? They are growing so fast! And they are just precious and so adorable!! They seem like they have such fun personalities!!

I love that you do Gymboree with them...isn't it so much fun? My kids' favorite part was always the bubbles!

My kids love Discovery Kingdom...we should meet up there sometime!! Wouldn't that be a riot? Twins everywhere!!!

Hernandez Clan said...

OMG. By the way. I totally noticed that 1. They are not wearing matching outfits at Gymboree. Gasp! and 2. THEY ARE FREAKING CUTE!!! haha. Love you guys. I better get there before they start walking!

Two Little Bugs and a Bichon said...

They are so cute! Can I please come and pinch NOah's cheeks??!! O

Anonymous said...

soooo cute! i love picture posts. i don't think there's a gymboree around me :(

Kami said...

I am so so sad right now. My little nephews are sitting on their own!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So cute though. Adorable!


Hoping for our own Peanut said...

Alright, heres the plan. Im going to book me and Trevor a flight to CA to visit you guys. You are always doing something SO fun!! The three would hit it off, im sure. Just like their Mamas!!

Were going to our first Gymbo class in 2 weeks. The closest one is a 20 min drive, but I figured the free class is worth it. :)