Here We Are

Merry Christmas

Their new favorite pastime, tree watching

Yes, he is pulling his hair

A three way kiss
First time in the Bumbo seats

My Aaden how furry you are.

Our first hotel and getting ready for our first bath with Mommy and Brother in a jacuzzi tub

Gabe & Elianna

Great-Papa & Noah

All bundled up

The snow!

First time in the snow and on vacation


Joy said...

Wonderful pictures, they look like they are thriving. I am so glad that they are sleeping and otherwise doing so well.

BB said...

Happy Holidays to you all! :) BTW, do they both try to interact/play with each other?

Mama Tina said...

I Love my Little Boys!!! See you soon Aaden and Noah!!!

Love you...more


Hernandez Clan said...

OMG those are some really really good pics. I love how in most the pics one is smiling and one is giving you a silly or grouchy look. I guess that might forever be the battle. hehe. I LOVE the smiling pics and Elianna, holy COW! She is sooooo grown up! We miss you guys and happy holidays!

twondra said...

Sooo precious!! Thanks for sharing!!

FeyIndigoWolf said...

Your boys are looking quite handsome!