Hi, it's me little Noah Warren. My Mama has been real busy lately with us, Christmas, and going back to work, so I thought I would give you a little update.

Mama says that she has a lot to fill you in on, so for now I will share some pictures with you. Mama wants you to know that work is going well, she mentioned something about it being nice to have grown up conversations, but really really misses us when she is away.
Mommy gets that wish, we are still doing well at sleeping through the night as long as we stick to our schedule during the day.
That's my Brother Aaden.
That's Aaden and my Brother Ozzy.
Cheesing it up with our big boy clothes and shoes
Us and the 2nd Santa Claus at Whole Foods.
Us and Santa Clause #1
Just hanging out with Daddy
Isn't my Brother Aaden so cute when he smiles?

Little Aaden Parker
That's Me Chubby Cheeks, with my Auntie Ashley
Us with Mama, Auntie Ashley, and Uncle Christian
That's our Grandpa-O, he spoiled our Mama this year. Can you believe it? He got her a maid, six times and some cute new Ugg boots.
Brother and Auntie Ashley
Dinner at Grandpa-O's house on the 23rd
Christmas Eve at Aunt Mimi and Uncle John's. These are my 2nd-Cousins.
Aaden and Aunt Cindy
Aaden and Cousin Jake

Little Serena opened our presents and I wasn't too happy, I wanted to help her, but thanks for the great toys Serena.
Aaden and Cousin Jarett
Look, I am trying to hold my bottle, I am such a big boy
Serena is such a great feeder, we love when she feeds us.

Me and My Uncle D

Me, cheering for Christmas Morning
Brother and I with our Ozzy in his Christmas hat

Merry Christmas Aaden

Mommy kept telling us that "Santa came!" I guess that is what all those toys were about.

My new dog Santa brought
Aaden got one too, but he wasn't too sure about it.

Mommy and Daddy's Christmas present

Mommy and Daddy's other Christmas present

Mommy bought Grammy and Papa a sign for their new lake cabin. We were told we will be spending lots of time up there this Summer.
Christmas Day at Great-Grammy and Great-Papa's House

Mama and Aaden

My family

Sleepy Me

Aaden and Aunt Patty

Aunt Susie and Aunt Patty

That's Aaden with Cousin Julia and Aunt Jodi. They came on the 27th from Tucson. We were so glad to finally meet them.
Me and Gigi
Aaden and Our Nina

Carl and Baby Gabriel
That's our Mima! She is here from Tucson, she is watching us for a few days while Mommy is at work. Thanks Mima! Oh and BTW, we like your hair straight.

Mommy cried when she got this ornament from Grammy. She also cried when Grammy gave her a calender she made with pictures of Mommy's pregnancy with us. Daddy gave her a sweet card, and a license plate frame that says "Noah & Aaden's Mommy." We all had a great Christmas. Mommy said "what more could I ask for?"


Hernandez Clan said...

Aww I havent cried while reading your blog since the boys were born and why I am I all misty eyed now...just cause they are so darn big and grown up already. We miss you guys and i am glad you FINALLY got what you wanted for xmas (oh yeah and the maid to!!!) WOOHOO!!!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my goodness they are so absolutely adorable. I love how much hair they both have. I wish Coop had some more hair but hey its ok that he's a baldy :)
I'm glad your job is doing good. Looks like the boys are doing great also.

Christina said...

So glad you guys had a nice Christmas! What adorable little ones you have. :)

Baby Wanted said...

AWE, I just loved this post! So glad "santa" was good to you this year! Your babies are getting so big and handsome!

Helene said...

I'll bet it was an extremely happy Christmas this year at your house!! I'll never forget the first Christmas when we had Cole and Bella...we just sat around the tree staring at them, feeling so blessed.

Love all the pictures...I've never seen two happier babies! They are absolutely precious!!! Can't believe they're doing so well sleeping through the night and holding their bottles already...wow!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful 2010...you have some amazing milestones ahead!

twondra said...

Awww, what a sweet post. And great pictures! Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!!

CJ said...

so cute!