A Real Blog Entry

Yes, that's right I am going to attempt to post a real entry. The boys are sound asleep, the washing machine is going, dinner is on the BBQ, the floors are clean, the dishwasher is going, and I am going to take a minute to post a real entry.

I had a few questions asked in my comments so let me address those. The thing the boys were sleeping in is in fact a Pack N' Play. I got it on Amazon, it comes in two fabrics. Just search "Twin Pack N' Play." The wrap is a Moby wrap, it has two different holds for twins. I must say Aaden was not all that comfortable with Noah slightly on top of him, but it works great for just one little guy. I couldn't help, but laugh when someone commented saying that I make it seem doable. I am not sure if it is doable, I am taking it one day at a time and for us thus far it IS doable, but who knows what the future holds.

So we had another visit from the baby nurse. We talked about breastfeeding, and she mentioned such a simple thought... "why not try breastfeeding the boys when they are only slightly hungry?" What a thought... why didn't I think of that? So last night Aaden woofed down 3 oz. and I could tell that he was still a little hungry, so instead of jumping up and warming up some breast milk from the fridge. I gave it another try. Holy crap... he did it! No fussing, no frantic crying because it wasn't coming out fast enough, just a great latch for 15 minutes and then he was out like a light. So no, I am not going to exclusively breastfeed because for our lives the pumping is working best, but I do plan to do it more often and probably every night before bed.

Today I had a follow up with my OBGYN. My incision is almost completely healed and my uterus is almost down to its normal size and best of all I am down 33 pounds. That means only 9 to go to get to my pre-pregnancy weight. How about that? However my pre-pregnancy weight wasn't ideal, I had gained some during IVF #2 and the holidays that I never lost. So another 20 pounds would be good. Although I am not "dieting" right now, but I am being active and paying close attention to what I put in my mouth. It must be the "I have twins and have no time to relax diet."

Maternity clothes... I had a battle with them today. I couldn't decide what to do with them. Do I save them? Do I want another baby? Will I want these clothes if I do get pregnant again? Do I want another baby? Do I want another baby? Hummm... ask me at 2 a.m. and I might say No, but ask me while my angels are sleeping in my arms and heck yes I want a little girl, and soon! So, I kept them. Right now they are in garbage bags in the corner of our room. But babies are not in our near future because I got a prescription for birth control pills today. Imagine that... me on BCPs and it is NOT for an IVF cycle! I really never thought I'd be here. Thank you lord for blessing us with this pair of miracles!


Jess said...

Look at you go! You've managed to clean the floors, have dinner cooking, feed the boys, put them down for naps, wash the clothes, run the dishwasher and lose 33 pounds...can you say super mom? :) I'm so proud of you Tiff!

Keep the clothes...I'm praying we see pink in the future!


Anonymous said...

hey tiffas-

its nice to be able to read your blogs everyone in a while and see how you are doing! i miss you terribly! i am so proud of you, you ARE A SUPER MOM, i can barely keep my apartment clean and i've only got two pets and mike! well, i just wanted to drop a line... i gotta go take mom to kmart...but i love you, say hi to gabey and the two boys for me!

ps. NEVER get rid of those PG clothes...I may need them in....5 years or so- haha...and you have AN IMPECKABLE FASHION SENSE!!!

love you bye!

Angelwingsbaby said...

I just caught up on your last 2 posts and want to say the boys are so precious!! It is making it hard for me to wait for my little guy to get here.Can you believe that if I make it to my due date that I have less than months to go? Seems like your pregnancy went by so fast and mine too.Where does the time go? ((hugs))

Birdee said...

I just realized you had your babies! (I'm still catching up too). Congratulations!! They are so dang precious, you must be so proud. I'd want another one too. As a matter of fact I have the same delema, DH keeps telling our pregnant friends who are having a boy "We've got clothes for ya", I got so angry with him, I want another and it might be a boy, and I'm not ready to part with my things yet, makes the idea of having another baby feel so over. I'm not giving up.

Hernandez Clan said...

I am also praying we see pink in the future, so YAY for keeping the clothes. I still think you make it all look so doable...wont say EASY, cause I am sure at times it ain't easy but most def doable... And your first sentence with having it all done amazes me. I still have a hard time getting everything situated. LOL.

Way to go, can't wait to see you. By the way the kid, me and RC now read this aloud every time you have an update. They love it...especially Carina. She only asked 60 million times who was who. LOL.

Joy said...

congrats on a great blog post, and it must feel good to return to caring for your home as you care for your boys.

I totally agree with your plan to put the boys to breast on a somewhat daily basis, it will help with your supply as they provide better stimulation and suction.

Ryan said...

You are a rock star! Dinner? Laundry? And two babies sleeping? :-) Don't tell my husband - he'll want to upgrade. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

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