What a Relief...

So the doctor at Stanford had asked both Gabe and I to run one test to rule out a possible reason for the miscarriage. This test was called Karyotype and it was an analysis of our chromosomes. I did my test on 5/20/08 and just today finally saw the results today. Mine came back NORMAL! Yippee, what a relief.

Since Gabe has Kaiser, we took his lab slip there. They refused to pay for the test, so we instead just went to QVH and paid to have his labs done there. Yet another cost, but well worth it for the peace of mind. Hopefully we get his results back soon. I don't anticipate his being abnormal, but lets keep our fingers crossed none the less.

Semi small breakdown yesterday about the what if's and the what next's, but I quickly got over it. I have to stay focused on the right now's. What will be will be and no sense in dwelling on how we will come up with the funds for future treatments just yet. So for now, I am doing my best to eat well, keep stress free and just wait patiently. Easier said than done!

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