Something For Me

I ALWAYS knew I wanted to be a Mom.  I knew that was my main goal in life, but I still also had a job I was good at.  After Hudson came financially it made absolutely no sense to continue on my three day a week schedule.  I remember the evening after coming home while pregnant with Hudson and crying to my Husband about how I was training my replacement, it completely broke my heart.  I cried so hard I threw up and the feeling of no longer balancing being a Mom and an employee was a hard pill to swallow.  I knew it was for the best and I still work outside the home one day a week, but it meant that I was no longer important at a job I had been at for 13 years.

I carried on but always felt something was missing for me.  While YES I love being home with my kids, I was missing that drive and adult conversation.  The chance to network and keep my office skills up.  Well that has all changed, I have changed.  I now have something just for ME.  Something that makes me excited, something that isn't about my kids.  It's about my love for a product, my love of my life story, providing for my family, and finding the me that isn't only talking about poop and tantrums.

Origami Owl has changed my life.  Financially not huge yet, but with seven upcoming parties it very well could be.  Most of all I love chatting with people, I love sitting down and sending in my orders, putting the lockets together and being able to get out on a Friday night away from the kids to share my products with other women.  Having a little something more then just being the Mom has changed me.  I am excited for the future and just taking it all one day at a time. Knowing that each day is a new adventure and that my life puzzle is starting to make a little more sense.

On a fun note we are going on a trip just my DH and I.  This has not happened since kids, heck this hasn't really happened ever.  On our first and 2nd anniversary we took a couple little gets aways, but all alone, nope... never especially not out of the country.  And the fun part... it's a cruise!  Just him and I for just a few days it will be so so so amazing.  Thanks to my Mama and Grandma off we will go.  Sunshine, poolside, yummy food, and tropical drinks in hand.  Thanks to my Husband for the push and reminding me that WE need this, our marriage needs this.  After the carnival disasters prices plummeted just when our tax return came in.  So here we go! This is also a huge motivation to keep the weight loss going and that we are doing.  I have hopes of being the weight I was at my initial IVF appointment by this Summer.


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