It's been awhile, I got wrapped up in my new blog which to much surprise has made me $16 AND I have been sent coupons, samples, and free food.  Even more exciting is that it helps to keep me motivated and I am down 21 pounds.

In BIG news we have put an offer in on a house.  It is honestly the home of our dreams, it's everything we have ever wanted.  We went into this with a list of about 5 silly things each and knew that most likely we would have to cave on one or two things, but no.  No caving, it's on a court has four bedrooms, walk in pantry and closet.  Upstairs laundry room, GIANT lot, room to have the kiddos Birthday parties at our house with a jumpy house, space to park our trailer, the perfect floor plan, lots of space for our growing family, and DHs fav a real wood fireplace.  The biggest kicker... the payment is actually lower than our rent.  The only down fall is that it is 9 miles away from our current home.  In some ways that is no big deal, but in other ways it's a little scary.  We are still in the waiting game, but pretty close to closing the deal.  We are trying not to get too excited yet because so much can happen.

In Hudson news he had his 6 month shots, got a tooth, and is loving rice crackers, and lots of foods in his mesh nets.  It's fun to have all three boys sitting together at breakfast eating the same fruits.  I made mango baby food for him and he is loving that.

Aaden has made so much progress in his tantrums and following the rules.  The downfall is that just when Aaden gets better Noah gets worse.  I can now see it's Noah's turn to push the limits and the worst part is it is usually at poor Hudson's expense.  He is always touching him and not in nice ways, he climbs on his high chair and takes things away from him.  If he is playing on the floor Noah will lay on top of him.  If he is in his jumper Noah will swing him or climb on it.  If Hudson makes a squeal Noah will yell "Hudson stop it!"  Very rarely is he nice to him, he seems to want to torment him and I am quite sure it's to get my attention because obviously it does.  On the plus side Aaden is the complete opposite with Hudson he is so gentle and caring and always worried about him.  All I can hope is that this is just a phase and it WILL get better.  For now I am just trying to give Noah more attention when he is doing the right things and just removing him from the situation when he is doing bad things.

Our weather has been awful lately so we have been busy doing lots of crafts.  Painting, dying and playing with noodle, play doh, coloring, anything to keep us busy.

Now for some show and tell...


ks said...

Congrats on the continued weight loss! I have actually implemented a few things from your other blog to help with my journey! So Thank You! Fingers crossed for you with the house!

Flower said...

Just wanted to come out from "lurking" and tell you that I love the way you capture your boys on camera! You can see the joy in your pictures...and one day your boys will truly treasure all of the photos.