Let It Spill

WOW three blogs in one day? Yup I guess that is how I roll now.  Things are hectic to say the least.  BUT I will say that it is far LESS than my envisions.  Here I sit three kids and husbandless BUT it is coming off an event in which I was twinless for four hours just 20 minutes ago.

Things they have been a-changing.  My husband is NOW head in charge the head Hancho of the Moose Lodge.  Do we love the lodge?  Yup.  Was the husband and wife deal to be the 2nd in charge until the kids were older (High School)?  Yup. But sometimes things happen, and sadly the first in charge passed away which makes my husband/father of three kids two and under/lead sing of a band...newly appointed head in charge of the Moose Lodge.

So here is the thing... am I honored?  YES!  Do I also feel horrible that we lost a wonderful amazing man who once was the head in charge?  YUP!  But here we are very stressed, but making the best of it!!!  We have now been thrown into what is most likely one of the craziest times of our lives and I know soon we will look back and laugh. (I hope.)

So... tonight, a benefit for our past Governor.  A casino night!  At first I thought.. NO WAY!  But since I watched a friends two kiddos last Monday (yes five kids two and under all alone) I thought "hey maybe she can watch our pair?" Yup!  Off the twins went to "Jack's." They were more than thrilled as was the many members of the lodge to meet Hudson when I came walking in with him.  So there you have it.. a night out! A sad occasion (to raise money for the Rodger's Family) but a night out none the less.  I know Bob and Connie would be glad we came out and helped and played a little Texas Hold 'Em while we chowed on spaghetti, salad, and bread.

The Hubs is still there now, much of his new life and phone calls are there.  We are learning how to deal with that.  It had been okay since he has been off work and was able to sneak away for stuff during naps, BUT come Monday he is a working man again and will have to figure out how to juggle this all, plus a band gig next weekend.  He goes back to work full time and I become a SAHM to three kids two and under.  I am excited and overwhelmed at the same time and look forward to my Thursday help.  Thursdays will probably become what Fridays are to most.

I have a bazillion millon things I want to say and share, but lord knows I can't spill it all right now.

Aaden is talking NON STOP, Noah is still my little heart breaker that can melt you with his smile.. he is finally starting to put together sentences and has been counting his books and cars.  The ABCs are starting to spill from both and they are LOVING having both Mommy and Daddy home with them.  Hudson is sleeping some great stretches, 5 and 6 hours and he SO very strong lifting his head up and doing tummy time.  He has the sweetest lips and even a little dimple like his cousin Julia.

They were overly spoiled on their Birthday and that makes a Mommy who loves Birthdays smile so big.  Don't worry... Birthday pics and posts will come soon.

In big big new we decided to go to Disneyland in a few weeks. We have been wanting to and suddenly a money fairy blessed us with just enough money to pay off a couple more medical bills and also make a special trip to Disney.  Might they be too young? Maybe.  But worst case.. we will always have those memories of "remember when we took three small children to Disney and it was horrible?"  Oh and we might get to meet up with Erin (Hoping for a Peanut) while on our trip, that would be FANTASTIC!

I have much much much more to share, but right now it's just Hudson and I as the twins sleep and the Daddy is still at the Lodge so the memories and moment are going to Hudson instead of the blog.

Birthday pictures coming soon.. you know I won't forget as this is HUGE.. my babies are TWO!

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BB said...

To say that you have a lot going on - is an understatement! Wishing you the best during this crazy but lovely ride!

Happy Birthday to the big boys - can't believe they are 2 already!!