When You Can't Have a Baby... YOU HAVE A DOG!

Now, don't go and make me feel like I am a bad person for getting another dog! My dog is spoiled, I LOVE MY DOG MORE THAN MOST PEOPLE! Well, YES I did fall into the lets get another dog trap (my husband pushed me in) and I did fall in love with another dog! We are NOW the proud parents of the TWO cutest dogs in the world! BOTH BOYS!

Spare me the "did you really need another?" If you are really asking that.... well then....maybe you have no idea... and maybe you are not a "Dog Mama"! and maybe you have not been INFERTILE FOR A VERRRRRRRYYYY LONG TIME! MY dogs, my husband, my family, and my Elianna are my life, and well....right now I am happy. I have all of them at my heels!
Help me name him!

We are leaning towards MEMPHIS.

We already have our PHOENIX so we are going towards another "city" name. Our other option is "HOUSTON." What do ya think? Any other ideas?


Andrea said...

Yea for more doggie babies:) What a cutie!

When we hit the one year mark we got a second dog. I joke that we should get one for every year we are TTC...which would mean we are due for another puppy:)

Mimi said...

What a cute puppy!!!! I like the name Memphis. Both are great names. I know what you mean about getting another dog. We have two and I am trying to talk my hubby into another. He said no. Oh well! I wonder what he would do if I just brought one home!!! Lol Enjoy your puppies!!!


Polly Gamwich said...

I like Memphis and I support a multi-dog household. When some fertile asks you why you'd have two dogs ... ask her why she gained so much weight during pregnancy ... heh, she'd love that!

Ryan and Stuart said...

Oh my goodness! What a cutie pie! I love the name Memphis and the city theme is just too cute. I just want to hug him!!!!

Pixiemrrr said...

got 3 cats, 2 dogs, 1 saltwater tank, 1 goldfish, and 3 mice. yup, not filling any voids. I'm right there with you.