Gotta Love Him

So after a week of sleepless nights, not much eating, a bit of depression, and a lot of tears. I told Gabe I wanted to take a long break and that I wasn't strong enough to go on another ride just yet.

God bless him for pulling me up. He texted me "You are strong enough! We aren't stopping until we have a baby in our arms. Don't get discouraged, I love you." He is right.... I can do this, we have come so far and I will do it as long as he is next to me because the end result is priceless.

I have also decided to be more optimistic about the frozen transfer... again I say that no matter how excited or optimistic I am... bad news is bad news either way, so I think I am going to let myself be hopeful. I have been reading about somethings that might help, so I will try them all... ANYTHING IS WORTH A SHOT.

Avoid stress, pray my heart out, no low or fat free milk products, no caffeine, no alcohol, Whey protein shakes twice a day, eat meals high in protein and low in carbs, prenatal vitamins, folic acid, iron supplements, acupuncture twice a week, baby aspirin daily, keep my feet warm at ALL times, lots of pineapple with the core, no lotions, perfumes, or strong smells, Egg McMuffin sandwich the day of transfer (something to do with the grease and the egg helping implantation)
STRICT BEDREST, think positive, no doggies or kitties jumping on my belly, avoid sneezing and coughing, no stairs, and no lifting of anything over 5 lbs.

Some of this may seem a little crazy, and most of this I did in March, but it can't hurt to try it all in May.

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Hannah said...

Gabe is just the best! You are so wonderful together! Have a ton of fun in Mexico and don't even think about it... I mean who knows....